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  • December 16, 2017, 01:31:21 PM
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Welcome to the Corporate Sector Authority

The History of the Corporate Sector Authority dates well back to Year 5 day 189 when the collapse of the smuggling outfit Infinite Dark gave rise to the growth of capitalistic ideals that led to the first Corporate Sector Authority government. Following a hostile takeover orchestrated by Imperial agents, the Corporate Sector Authority ceased to exist as a government on Year 10 day 102.

On year 14 day 152, following an intense few weeks of scouting, citizens of the Red Moon Coalition found and secured the Hiit System in the Corporate Sector. Advance detection parties were given authorization to further search the system and while doing so, secret CSA stashes of documents were found that mandated the reconstruction of a new government. The documents, once believed to have been lost to time, laid out the groundwork needed for an Industrialized Corporate Sector. After much deliberation among the High Council of the Red Moon Coalition, the members decided to take upon themselves the mandates and rebranded as the once lost, now found, Corporate Sector Authority.

Prior to current CSA, The Red Moons operated out of the south-east galactic Outer Rim, under the simple principle of bringing the fight to the enemy, no matter who they are, or where they are. They dedicated their lives to the cause of Freedom, and the liberation of worlds suppressed by unjust rule and domination.

The history of the Red Moons leads back to the time shortly after the period of the Old Republic's capitulation to the Krath Dynasty. At this time, a significant boost in territory began to pose security concerns for the Krath Dynasty. To combat any pressure from external forces determined to strain Krath's resources, the 3rd Battlegroup, Krath Fleet, was established, with a new crew of Krath service members taking charge to bring order to portions of the newly acquired areas, specifically the Quiberon and Tammuz sectors.

This crew, hobbled together through contacts in the underworld and veteran military personnel, swiftly secured the territory and began the process of reformation in the area. Once secure, the 3rd Battlegroup quickly began to notice issues of politics that would constrain them from operating in a continued secure environment.

Disgruntled about the lack of action against the unfit rule of the Imperial Union, Krath High Command and the 3rd Battlegroup's command staff held many closed-door meetings and, eventually, the 3rd Battlegroup was cut from the ranks of the Krath Dynasty to transform into what is now known as the Red Moon Coalition.

Thus, the Red Moon Coalition became their own independant military regime, with ultimate authority in the new territory, and now, under the leadership of the newly appointed Direx Board, the Corporate Sector Authority, and thereby, the Red Moons, have embarked upon a new era.

On Year 14 Day 184, citizens under the command of ExO Gilbert Reed discovered and secured the Neelgaimon System, bringing the Xappyh Sector under the governance of CSA. The system is home to most of the population within the Xappyh Sector and houses a state-of-the-art security and detection network rarely seen in the northeast outer rim. Mining operations occur planetside in tandem with spiritual and research locations. A system-wide banking network is also overseen by the Nah`utal Capital Group.

On Year 14 Day 220, citizens under the command of ExA Dar Batra discovered and secured the Saarn System, bringing the Esstran Sector under the governance of CSA. Home now to various corporate entities, including Huppla Pasa Tisc Shipwrights Collective and the defunct Securitronix, the system is used as a public marketplace for industrial goods to pass into and out of the Corporate Sector.

On Year 15 Day 52, citizens under the command of ExC Fures Nocti discovered and secured the Ruuria System furthering the governance of CSA in the Xappyh Sector.

On Year 16 Day 209, citizens under the command of ExO Gilbert Reed, while on routine patrol around area systems, discovered and secured the Lorpfan System in the Tynquay Sector. The system houses only its namesake planet and is used as a retirement and vacation villa for senior personnel. It is also one of few planets within governed territory to be fully closed to the public.

On Year 16 Day 237, after final administrative paperwork had been filed and processed and to much fanfare, CSA became a legally recognized government within the galaxy, setting it's sights on new horizons.

On Year 16 Day 245, after lengthy negotiations, CSA secured the land deeds for the Vasuuli System in the Kliap Sector from The eXiles. The system has since become headquarters to the Vasuuli Corporation, bringing corporate industry to the Inner Rim.

On Year 16 Day 359, the sudden disappearance of Maha Michi, the owner of Voting Sponsor Huppla Pasa Tisc, forces the Direx Board to overwhelmingly vote to incorporate HPT. Rall Dack is promoted to the leadership position and Gilbert Reed is once again placed as owner of the group now known as HPT, Inc. The change in management marks the first ever group to be fully incorporated.


* Major Market Zones

Corporate Market Zone: Headquarters - Maal


Status: Construction efforts continue under Maal Investment Fund.

Xappyh Market Zone: Headquarters - Neelgaimon

NeelgaimonRuuria Lorpfan

Status: Neelgaimon, Neelgaimon A, Lorpfan closed to public access. 1stCER beginning relocation to Ruuria.

Esstran Market Zone: Headquarters - Saarn


Status: HPT, Inc. assimilated into CSA main. Serpine system discovered with ViskCor Conglomerate incorporated to manage system.

Kliap Market Zone: Headquarters - Vasuuli


Status: Inner Rim expansion continues through Aeyris. Vasuuli Corporation dropped as sponsor.

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